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Lucien Trading. engage in tea, tea peripherals, new tea products industry e-commerce companies. The company was formally established in 2010, in the tea industry, we have always uphold the principle is the man to make tea. We have been walking in the splendor of the front end of the tea industry, the company's existing operations, advertising, marketing, logistics, four general departments. Companies registered in 2010 Yi Tea Friends of trademarks (this trademark mainly iron pots, glass, mug of tea industry and other mainstream products, and among the best in the peer products).

Site founder based on the traditional tea market, leveraging the Internet unlimited space, and strive to be the tea business to a higher level to meet the needs of more people online. The company has run five years the traditional market, with wholesale and retail multi-year experience. a thorough understanding of the tea trade, known tea production, distribution, tasting process. lower production, purchasing, sales costs effectively, save every penny for the customer truly.

Our goal: we hope to provide more convenient and efficient online shopping for everyone. We are committed to providing a reassuring purchase online platform for the faithful tea ceremony. Lucien Trading will be established as the preferred online shopping site tea makers, leading people to go into the net purchase tea era.